EPCOS PFC Capacitors now have higher energy density and longer life

15 April 2016

Epcos PhaseCap® Energy now has available two new series of High Power Capacitors designed for power factor correction. These capacitors are made with either gas or resin-filled housings. The voltages available range from 230 V AC to 690 V AC and offer a reactive power between 5kvar and 33kvar.

The new B25674* series, which are gas-impregnated capacitors, has now increased the life expectancy by almost 40% from 130,000 to 180,000 hours. The MPI (Maximum Permissible Inrush) Current has also been improved by 25% to 500 x IR. The B25674* series can be switched considerably more frequent. An example of this is the maximum number of switching cycles per year has been doubled from 7500 to 15,000. The B25674* range have also increased the maximum permissible operating temperature as per IEC 60831-1 by 5K to 60 °C

Epcos have improved the life expectancy of the new B25675* series, which are resin-filled, to 200,000 hours and is designed specifically for a maximum operating temperature of 60°C. The B25675* series has also been designed for a maximum permissible inrush current of 500 x IR.

Another feature has been extensively improved for both series, the capacitors have increased energy density in comparison with the existing types. For the 28kvar / 440 V types. The new types have been raised by more than 20% from 9.7kvar/l to 11.8kvar/l. This also causes more compact dimensions. The new PhaseCap Energy capacitors feature a diameter of just 75mm and 125mm, depending on the type of capacitor, and a height of between 164mm and 224mm.


All Epcos three-phase PFC Capacitors PhaseCap Energy contain an overpressure disconnector that isolates all three phases from the grid in the event of damage.


Further information on the products can be found at;


or Contact our sales team for more information on pricing and availability;

Tele: 01522 814380

E-mail: sales@europowercomponents.com


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