Dynex IGBTsDynex IGBTs

Dynex are UK manufacturer of IGBT modules. The Dynex Semiconductor range of IGBT modules includes 62x108mm, 140x130mm, 140x190mm packages and in voltage ranges from 1200V to 6500V with current rating of 50A to 2400A

Fuji IGBTsFuji IGBTs

Fuji Semiconductor are a world leading manufacturer of IGBT modules. The Fuji range of IGBT modules includes PrimePack, Econopack, 34x92mm, 62x108mm, 140x130mm, 190x130mm, IPMs and have voltage ratings of 600V, 1200V, 1700V & 3300V with current ranges from 15A to 1400A


IXYS offer a wide range of IGBT modules and descretes. IXYS offer industry standard packages such as TO220, TO247, SOT227B, 34x92mm modules, 62x108mm modules and also includes a range of PIM modules, H-Bridge IGBT, 6 pack IGBT, Chopper modules, 7 pack IGBTs and input rectifer, chopper & output inverter stage.

Westcode IGBTsWestcode IGBTs

Westcode capsule IGBT. Westcode offer a range of capsule (prespack) IGBTs with rating up to 4.5kV and 2400A, these devices are well suited to high power applications.

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