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DANOTHERM ELECTRIC A/S is known worldwide for it's high quality design and production of power resistors for applications such as, Windpower, Inverter Drives, Telecommunication industry. Danotherms range includes:

Braking Resistors, Rheostats, Snubber Resistors, Heatsink Mounted Resistors

Danotherm Electric
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Danotherm - Load Banks

Packages: Air Cooled & Water Cooled
Additional Features: IP00 to IP65
Pulse laod 1s/120s: 4,5* PN; 10s/120s:2

Danotherm - Aluminium Housed Braking Resistors

Voltage Range(Vdc): 30 W - 6 kW Average
Very High Pulse load compared to average load. Insulated resistors. IP50 - IP65. Can easily be mouted in compact constructions. The normal load can be improved by forced air cooling or by mounting the resistors on a heat sink. Short time pulse load up to.

Danotherm - Steel Grid Braking Resistors

Voltage Range(Vdc): 5 kW – XXMW
Braking Resistors for medium and very large Drives. Naturally Air Cooled or Air Cooled. Braking Resistors for medium and very Drives.These resistors are natural or forced air cooled. Nurtral Ground Resistors for high voltage power networks.

Danotherm - Wirewound Brake Resistors

Voltage Range(Vdc): 100 W to 7.5 kW Average.
Pulse load 10x nominal power as cycle 10s/120s

Danotherm - Heatsink Power Resistors

Voltage Range(Vdc): 40W - 200W

Suitable for steady state loads. Typr HSD/HSF and HSCC.

Power Range: 40W - 200W

Danotherm - Rheostats

Ceramic Viteous Enamelled Rheostats.

Power Range: 12W - 500W

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