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Dynex Semiconductor is a global supplier of products and services specialising in the field of power semiconductors and integrated circuit products. . The Dynex power semiconductor business was originally established in Lincoln over 50 years ago when it was known as AEI Semiconductors Ltd. At that time, the business introduced some of the first silicon based power semiconductor components in the world. Today the headquarters for Dynex Semiconductor, together with manufacturing, silicon fabrication, sales, marketing, design and research & development, are co-located in Lincoln, UK.

Dynex Semiconductor
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Dynex - IGBT's

Voltage Range(Vdc): 600V TO 6500V
Current Range: 100A to 3600A
Technologies: PT, SPT, Trench
Topology: Single, Dual, High side chopper, Low side chopper
Packages: 62x108mm, 130x140mm, 73x140mm, 140x190mm
Additional Features: Copper & Aluminium nitride baseplates available

Dynex - Thyristors

Voltage Range(Vdc): 100V to 6500V
Current Range: 30A to 7000A
Technologies: Phase control (fast & standard recovery), GTO & Pulsed power
Topology: Single, Dual
Packages: Capsules (dia): 42mm, 58mm, 76mm, 99mm, 112mm, 148mm & 151mm

Dynex - Diodes

Voltage Range(Vdc): 100V to 6000V
Current Range: 30A to 12000A
Technologies: Fast & standard recovery capsules
Topology: Single,
Packages: Capsules (dia): 42mm, 58mm, 76mm, 99mm, 112mm, 148mm & 151mm
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