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Mecc.Al srl, founded in 1996, is one of seven companies belonging to the largest privately owned Italian industrial group with a total annual manufactured volume of over 110,000 tons exported to 85 countries. Mecc.Al specialises in the design and manufacture of heat sinks and mechanical support items for the electronics industry. Using the most modern design and production technologies and latest generation CNC machines Mecc.Al offers its customers a full range of aluminium heat sinks extruded, welded, assembled high-performance, liquid cooled plates, clip systems and bonded fins for a wide variety of applications, from uninterruptible power supplies to network-communications, from power electronics to renewable energy, railway and automotive sectors.

Meccal - Official UK Distributor
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Meccal - Profilmecc

High ratio heat sink. Pressed fins (no glue). 1050A alloy (229 W/m•K) which has between 14% and 37% better thermal performance over standard 6060 and 6063 alloys (166 and 201 W/m•K).

Maximum width: 800mm
Maximum length: 1000mm
Maximum fin length:     
Fin thickness: 1mm to 3mm
Minimum fin pitch: 2mm
Base thickness: 8mm to 30mm
Aspect ratio:



Meccal - Profilmecc PLUS

High ratio heat sink. Machined frm SOLID and therefore ZERO thermal barrier between base plate and fins. 1050A alloy (229 W/m•K) which has between 14% and 37% better thermal performance over standard 6060 and 6063 alloys (166 and 201 W/m•K). The process remains competitive by re-ccling 100% of the waste.

Maximum width: 800mm
Maximum length: 5000mm
Maximum fin length:     
Fin thickness: 0.8mm +
Minimum fin pitch: 2mm
Base thickness: 5mm to 50mm
Aspect ratio:

Meccal - Extruded Heat Sinks

The aluminium extrusion process allows to make innumerable shapes profiles. By modifying the shape of the profile, the surface in contact with air changes and consequently the dissipation capability does.
The extruded heat sinks are generally used in medium electric power systems both in natural and forced convection. The extruded heat sinks are presented divided by shape (T, H, L, K, E, U, P flat back and PC flat back with cover), width and height, and shown in increasing order of size.
For example, P400 40 indicates an extruded heat sink having a flat back shape (P), 400 mm wide and 40 mm high.

Meccal - Liquid Cooled Heat Sinks

By taking advantage of liquids high thermal conductivity, the liquid cooling systems, comprehensive of pomp, liquid cooled plate, heat exchanger and expansion tank, are reserved for those applications where the required power dissipation is too high for conventional air cooled heat sinks. Apart from standard plates where the cooling canals are got directly from extrusion or machining process, Mecc.Al makes aluminum liquid plates having copper, aluminum or stainless steel pipe canalization system and end connections according to customer requirements.

Meccal - High Performance Heat Sink

The high performance heat sinks series born from the continuous and growing need to have heat sinks with higher thermal performances.
To reach that purpose, we worked on every single fin section, on fins number and on their layout on the sink. Got by assembling the single fins mechanically, the high performance heat sinks provide an high dimensional flexibility together with the good mechanical characteristics of the extruded heat sinks. The high performance heat sinks are mostly used in high electric power systems in forced convection. The Assembled Profiles (PA) are divided by width and height of the single fin or module and shown in increasing order of size.

Meccal - Quality

It is a philosophy that our employees have assimilated at all levels, ensuring a high standard of quality and constant over time allowing them to pursue the goal of the complete customer satisfaction. Top quality in all aspects of production is one of the key points of Mecc.Al, certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 by the International Accredited Unit DNV, thanks also to an extremely careful policy of selection and control of our partners and suppliers. The ability to provide a high quality product, reliable and comprehensive manufacturing capacity, dedicated and qualified staff and strict respect to the short delivery terms are the strengths of Mecc.Al that make us an ideal partner for all requirements on thermal management. Our commitment to quality is targeted at the same time to human and environmental respect and health, by offering products that meet the RoHS and REACH directives that restrict the presence of hazardous substances in the production of electrical and electronic equipment.

Meccal - Production

Equipped with the best technology, a warehouse provided by more than 400 different extruded profiles available on stock and a manufacturing process supported by several multi pallet computer numerical controlled machines, Mecc.Al is able to manage orders for small and large quantities always providing the highest quality and timeliness deliveries. Thanks to the latest CADCAM design software, SolidWorks and SolidCAM, we can also provide effective solutions to complex projects, guaranteeing the full compliance to customer specifications from the very first stage of product design. The Quality Control is also supported by the use of 3-D Measuring machines and Height gauge machine.

The following technologies are available in our manufacturing plants:
• Automatic and semi-automating cutting machines
• Multi pallets CNC machines
• Presses
• Welding machines
• Ultrasound washing systems.

Besides to every kind of mechanical machining, through own anodizing plant, Mecc.Al offers the possibility of the following finishing surfaces:
• Black or coloured anodizing
• Alodine or Surtec passivation
• Barrel finishing
• Raw
• Sandblasting
• Painting.

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