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Mersen (Ferraz Shawmut) are a leading manufacturer of circuit protection devices. Mersen offer a range of fuses including miniature fuses, semiconductor fuses, high voltage fuses, DC fuses & fuse gear.

Mersen (Ferraz Shawmut)
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Mersen (Ferraz) - BS88 Semiconductor fuses:

Case Style:            Current rating:     Voltage Rating:

10x28                       5A to 32A                250V

17x27                       7A to 180A              250V

36x27                       50A to 525A            250V

2x (36x37)                300A to 1050A        250V

10x51                       5A to 20A                660V

17x49                      16A to 80A               660V

2x (17x49)                65A to 160A            660V

Ferraz - aM Blade fuses:

Case Style:       Current rating:     Voltage Rating:

Size 00               2A to 160A             690V

Size 0                 6A to 200A             690V

Size 1                 16A to 315A           690V

Size 2                 35A to 500A           690V

Size 3                 250A to 800A         400V, 500V, 630V

Size 4                 500A to 1250A       500V

Ferraz - gG Blade fuses:

Case Style:       Current rating:     Voltage Rating:

Size 00/C00        2A to 100A            500V

Size 00               125A to 160A         500V

Size 0                 6A to 250A             500V

Size 1                 16A to 250A           400V, 500V, 690V

Size 2                 16A to 400A           500V

Size 3                 250A to 630A         500V

Ferraz - aM Cylindrical fuses:

Case Style:       Current rating:     Voltage Rating:

8.5x31.5            1A to 10A                400V

10.3x38mm        0.16A to 32A          400V & 500V

14x51                 0.25A to 50A          400V, 500V, 690V

22x58                 1A to 125A             400V, 500V, 690V

Ferraz - gG Cylindrical fuses:

Case Style:      Current rating:     Voltage Rating:

8.5x31.5             0.5A to 25A            400V

10.3x38mm        0.5A to 32A            400V & 500V

14x51                 1A to 50A               400V, 500V, 690V

22x58                  2A to 125A            400V, 500V, 690V

Ferraz - Miniature Fuses

Miniature fuses

Case Style:          Current rating:     Voltage Rating:

5x20                     0.063A to 20A          250V

6 x 32                   0.063A to 30A          12V & 250V

Ferraz - Fuse gear

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